At Te Mahia Community Village, we have communal areas and facilities that all tenants are welcome to use. These include a Recreational Hall with large screen Sky TV, a free commercial BBQ, kitchens and pay laundry facilities. For those who currently reside in caravans, we also have mens/womens showers and toilet facilities on site.



Being a Boarding House facility, we include services such as lawn-mowing, rubbish collection, maintaining the communal gardens, pest control etc.

Rubbish is collected from the communal green bins three times a week, and inorganic rubbish collection is organised twice a year.


Community Organisations

Having managed the Village for over 17 years, we understand on a deep level the trials and tribulations that people face on a day to day basis. That is why we welcome in community organisations that come to the Village on a weekly or monthly basis. They provide free services and programs to assist tenants and other people in the neighbourhood. These programs include:

  • Free driver's licencing, literacy and numeracy education
  • Man-Up - helping men become better fathers, husbands and leaders
  • MCG - a men's support group
  • Feed the Need - charitable offerings of food
  • Legacy Women - women's support group
  • Successful Parenting
  • Toddlers Play Truck 

We also are fortunate enough to have organisations who bring in clothing, food and other necessities for tenants in hardship.

Te Mahia Community Village also contributes regularly and likes to give back. We organise several events throughout the year such as Easter, Halloween, Guy Fawkes, and Christmas celebrations of our own.