Who can stay at Te Mahia Community Village?

Te Mahia Community Village is available to all those in need, but unfortunately some may not be accepted if we feel they pose a risk to either themselves or others living in the Village.

How much is it to move in?

We generally ask for 1 weeks' rent and 1 weeks' bond in advance

Do you accept WINZ/MSD quotes?

Yes we do. We accept payment cards from WINZ/MSD.

What happens to the bond when I move out?

If you happen to damage Village property during your stay, the cost of repair/replacement will be deducted from your bond. If you leave owing rent arrears, this too can be deducted from the bond. If you leave the room in an acceptable state and have no rent arrears, the bond will be refunded to you online into your bank account.

How many people can stay in a cabin at Te Mahia Community Village?

Currently in a single cabin, a maximum of three people are allowed. In future we will have two bedroom cabins and these will be able to accommodate 4-5 people.

Can I have visitors?

Yes, visitors are welcome during the day but we ask that they leave the Village at 10pm. Remember that a maximum of three people can stay in a cabin/room. In some instances, visitors may not be allowed e.g occupants who apply for emergency accommodation may have certain conditions where visitors may not be allowed. 

Can visitors stay over for a few nights?

Adults who wish to stay for a few nights with you must pay an accommodation fee of $20 per night, children aged from 5 years to 15 years will cost $10 per night. Their names must be registered with the office or at the security office. Those who are in emergency accommodation may have conditions not allowing them to have visitors.

What if I want to add or remove someone long term? 

If you want others to stay with you long term (for more than 28 days), or if you wish to remove someone who has been staying with you long term, first you'll have to give us 48 hours notice and end the current boarding house tenancy agreement. You can then re-apply and start a new agreement reflecting the updated rent amount and tenants names. This is because the rent amount is determined by the number of people staying long term.

Please note that we don't accept cabin rooms to be 'sublet' to others.

I have my own cabin/caravan, can I rent a site only?

Yes, if we have empty sites available you can rent a site off us if your cabin/caravan can fit on the site. Generally we can fit a portable cabin/caravan maximum size of 6.5m length x 3.5m width. Sites include power and water. Those who bring in their own room are still be subject to the House Rules of the Village. Check with us for current rates.

What are the House Rules all about?

Being a Boarding House, we have a lot of rooms/cabins in close proximity to each other. In order to help prevent problems arising along the way, we need to put in place House Rules. They are basically common sense rules, like keeping music down at night, supervising your children, being clean/tidy, room inspections and so on. The House Rules also cover things that we will absolutely not tolerate - things such as fighting, intimidation, threats, theft, damage etc. Some of these can lead to instant eviction.

Can I drive my car in?

Tenants who stay at Te Mahia are given a Te Mahia sticker for their vehicle and they are allocated one car park next to their room. They can drive in and out at any time of the day or night.

Visitors are asked to park outside the Village. We ask this to keep the village secure for tenants who stay here, and also not to have an 'over-congestion' of vehicles inside the Village grounds.

Are pets allowed?

Cats are allowed, but they must be collared and spayed. Dogs are not allowed.

Can I bring by own laundry washing machine or dryer?

No, Te Mahia Community Village has it's own communal laundries. Costs are $3 per wash and $3 per dry.

What about clothes lines?

We currently have communal clothes lines for you to hang your washing on, although we are currently looking into providing a clothes line for each cabin. We do not allow the hanging of rope between sites to hang washing on.

What are the rules on alcohol?

Alcohol is allowed, but drinking is limited to your sites or areas designated by management. Walking around the Village drinking alcohol is not allowed. We do not tolerate disorderly behaviour, or disruptions to other tenants.

Is there a smoking policy?

We have a strict non-smoking policy in all of our cabin rooms, Village buildings and communal facilities.

What if I have a problem with another tenant?

If you have any issues or problems with any tenants, we ask that you come to the main office and not take matters into your own hands. Please remember the House Rules, as there are serious consequences to those who ignore or refuse to follow the House Rules.

Are there many problems at Te Mahia Community Village?

Ever since we welcomed in our wonderful new management of Maxine and Terah, we rarely have any issues. We have 'zero tolerance' policy for those who disrupt the safety and security of other tenants. If you have any personal issues, we urge you to come and see our helpful team. We are more than happy to put you in touch with organisations who can assist you.


If you have any further questions, please feel free to call or email us.